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Other Tropical Fish Collection

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Collection of snakeheads and Arowana fish. The two Arowana are based crossback Arowana that we bought from Imperial Arowana. The platinum snakehead was no more than the size of our palm when we bought it. Now it is already reaching the size of an adult forearm. The bichirs are mostly nocturnal fish and are only active at night for feeding. All out tanks are done using over head filters that are better than most other filter. These are filters that are easy to clean. They also have sponges, bio media and water pump to constant replenish new clean water for our fishes. The black stickers that we paste on our tanks are for aesthetic purpose and made it look like the fishes are floating. Very therapeutic if you are watching your fishing swimming with clean water and glistering scales like the Arowana's. Check out our services for more information. I kid you not, your tanks will be much neater, cleaner and most importantly safe for the fish.

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